KLEFF Werewolves


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We value your experience!

Thank you for trusting us by being part of one of our many exciting experiences! We hope that you had a splendid time and will join us in the near future again.

Sometimes not everything works out perfectly and we know that we have plenty room for improvement. Bare in mind that organizing an event and running it as smooth as possible requires steady effort and can sometimes be overwhelming for us as organizers. So we might miss some obvious hints or feedback that you might have shared with us. This is where you can come in and remind us or help us shaping the future for more fun and safe experiences!

As a way for us to reflect and make our events the best they can be we are asking for your personal and anonymous opinion. Please raise any concern you experienced during any of our events here or just leave a thank you which is equally valuable to us as any other feedback!

Topics we definitely would love to hear from you

  • Did you feel safe and comfortable during our event?
  • Are you suspicious of somebody cheating during our Game Nights?
  • Was the communication with the organizers clear?
  • Are there any Game Rules that were unclear?
  • How did you like the selected location?
  • Did somebody harass or was trying to harass you during one of our events?
  • Is there any way we could have improved the experience with us?
  • Is there something else on your heart that you would like to share with us?

Leave us your Feedback