KLEFF Werewolves


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Find and eliminate all Townsfolk not part of the Villagers.

Special Power

Once per game during any night, you may choose 1 player to throw your Flacon of Holy Water at. The Holy Water has following effect: Werewolf Pack Members or Vampires will be eliminated. Others will lose their special power.


You can turn potentially harmful roles into ordinary Villagers.

You have the potential to eliminate lunatic creatures.


You can use your Power only once per game.

You might stripe off the Power of valuable Villagers like the Seer or Witch so don’t throw your Flakon of Holy Water blindly a somebody.

Tips & Tricks

Remember, Roles like the Cursed, Wild Child, Traitor, Drunk and many more turn into regular Villagers.

If you didn’t eliminate a person with your Holy Water it is almost safe to say that you can trust this person as he or she were cleansed off their powers.

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