KLEFF Werewolves

Alpha Wolf

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Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf


Eliminate everybody that is not part of the Werewolf Pack.

Special Power

Each night, wake with the Werewolf Pack and choose 1 player to eliminate. Once per game during any night, you may choose to turn the victim into a Werewolf.


You can make any opposing player join the Werewolf Pack.

As a Werewolf you hunt the opposing team in a pack.

Every night, you may eliminate anybody from the opposing team.


You can use your unique Special Power only once.

Your power may be wasted if the selected player is protected.

There are different Special Powers in the game that may unveil your identity.

Tips & Tricks

Convert a player that has already build trust with most townsfolk.

Convert a player that has a meaningful Special Power for the Villagers.

Converting anybody is a good choice as well as it makes the Werewolf Pack grow stronger and the opposing teams weaker by “stealing” one of their players.

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