KLEFF Werewolves

Black Wolf

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Black Wolf

Black Wolf


Eliminate everybody that is not part of the Werewolf Pack.

Special Power

Each night, wake with the Werewolf Pack and choose 1 player to eliminate. Every other night eliminate 1 member of the Werewolf Pack.


Not all Werewolves are on your team. Sniff the one out who might be playing a false game.

As a Werewolf you hunt the opposing team in a pack.

Every night, you may eliminate anybody from the opposing team.


You have to weaken your own team at some point.

There are different Special Powers in the game that may unveil your identity.

Tips & Tricks

While at first glance this power doesn’t make a lot of sense you might want to get rid off Pack Members that started accusing you.

You might be able to eliminate the Lone Wolf, the Matriarch or Lovers. Sniff them out and end their life before they end yours!

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