KLEFF Werewolves


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Aid any team until your true identity becomes clear.

Special Power

During the first night, choose 1 player to become your Mentor. When your Mentor is eliminated choose a new role from the extra cards during the following night.


Your fate is in your hands. Based on all information acquired during the game you might be able to choose between a few different roles offered to you. Choose wisely and turn the tides into your favour!

You not only choose your mentor but also can influence your mentor’s life in both ways.


As long as your identy is unclear everybody is your enemy and you serve nobody.

Tips & Tricks

Memorize the Roles that you didn’t choose! They are essentially not in the game and this can be crucial information. You can pretend to be any of the roles to protect your identity or expose a liar playing a false game.

Choose your mentor wisely. Some Townsfolk are more likely to get killed while others are real escape artists when it comes to facing the gallows.

Influence the outcome of your special power to a certain degree by either protecting your mentor or by throwing him or her to the werewolves.

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