KLEFF Werewolves


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Find and eliminate all Townsfolk not part of the Villagers.

Special Power

During the first night, learn who the Seer is.


By knowing if the Seer exists you have crucial information!

The Seer can feed with you valuable information.


If you are too obvious you might unveil the Seer.

You need to get the trust of the Seer as early as possible.

The Seer might not always be on your team.

Tips & Tricks

On first glance this might not sound like a strong power but if you are clever with it you can strongly influence the game in your favor!

While the Seer is usually on your team the person might get converted or become part of the Lovers so you have to take the information with a grain of salt the longer the game lasts.

If there is no Seer from the start don’t unveil this information right away since somebody else might to play a false game or the Seer might enter the game at a later point.

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