KLEFF Werewolves

Big Bad Wolf

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Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf


Eliminate everybody that is not part of the Werewolf Pack.

Special Power

Each night, wake with the Werewolf Pack and choose 1 player to eliminate. As long as the Werewolf Pack is complete, you may eliminate 1 extra player during the night.


You are extra hungry for human flesh, seize this opportunity for as long as you can.

As a Werewolf you hunt the opposing team in a pack.

Every night, you may eliminate anybody from the opposing team.


Your Special Power might end after the first day.

There are different Special Powers in the game that may unveil your identity.

Tips & Tricks

The longer the game lasts, the more likely it is that you lose your Special Power.

Focus on different threats. Sometimes it can be benificial to silence a more vocal player or let the gallows do the job for you and the Werewolf Pack.

Hunt in packs, especially during the day. In games with many people each vote can be crucial so communicate appropriately with the other Werewolves to spread the guilt among many shoulders.

Stay alert at all times because even in the Werewolf Pack not everybody is your friend.

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