KLEFF Werewolves

Bear Tamer

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Bear Tamer

Bear Tamer


Find and eliminate all Townsfolk not part of the Villagers.

Special Power

Each start of the day, you will be informed whether one of your neighbours is part of the Werewolf Pack.


If one of your neighbours is a Werewolf you will know that.

If none of your neighbours is a Werewolf you will know that as well.


The Werewolves will know as well once you are close by if they pay attention which will make you a threat to them.

Tips & Tricks

When there is no signal from the Game Master that doesn’t mean that you can trust your neighbours blindly. They might become Werewolves or they are already playing a false game.

Pay attention to position swaps of players which may help you further in your decision making.

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