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KLEFF Werewolves

Greetings friend

We are excited to welcome you to our magical and cozy town full of mystery, deception, mischief, lies and lots of fun. Do you have what it takes to lie like a trooper or to read between the lines? Always look carefully and listen closely because KLEFF Werewolves is the best social deduction game around!

Shape your destiny

In our town you can pretend to be any person you always wanted to be. Be a spoiled child of noble descent, spread love by bringing two people close to each other or even threaten others with retaliation on your own demise. KLEFF Werewolves is a social deduction game that gives you limitless options and your imagination is the limit.

In KLEFF Werewolves

You take on the role of a character in our village and team up with trustworthy people working towards a common goal. As part of a team you either restore peace in our cozy village or accelerate the demise of it. Eliminate townsfolk that are sabotaging your plans while flying under the radar of other threatening sources in order to claim victory in the end!

About KLEFF Werewolves

KLEFF Werewolves is a social deduction game and in its core concept comparable to the game Mafia. You also might be familiar with the terms Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, Ultimate Werewolf, Town of Salem, Avalon, Villains, Secret Hitler or even Among Us.

We are an active community that keeps expanding the basic Werewolves game to make it even more exciting. Keeping it fresh by inventing new roles, playtesting them and iterating them based on our experiences is what makes us unique.

That’s why we continuously provide our community thrilling roles never seen elsewhere before which makes KLEFF Werewolves the best alternative in town and around. We meet on a weekly basis to have some epic fun and hone our social interactions!


Golden Rules


Epic Teams


Unique Roles

Replayability & fun

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The Werewolves Manifesto

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We are backing Ultimate Werewolf Extreme on Kickstarter

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Townsfolk from across the Globe!

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Brave Adventurer, heed our call!

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KLEFF Werewolves FAQ

Yes we can! Please see here for the basics of the Werewolves game. You can always ask any of us during the game nights in person as well.

Yes! Attending the event itself is totally free. Right now due to the Covid pandemic we play online using the software Zoom which is free to use for you as well. Once the pandemic is over and we return to the location of our choice in Barcelona the event will still be for free.

However, we wouldn’t mind if you order at least one drink at the location we are hosting the event. If you are feeling super generous and enjoyed the event you are free leave a donation so we can invest the money into replacing cards, games and other utilities that wear out over the time and need to be replaced.

Stay updated and check our Meetup to see when the Werewolves go on the hunt again. We are active on Social Media so don’t hesitate to leave a like and follow 🙂

If you like our designed roles from our version of the Werewolves game then please go ahead and incorporate them into your playing sessions. We create the roles because we are a bunch of nerds who are super passionate about the game. We love Werewolves and are eager to have you join our sessions in person or online. Feel free to join us at any time. You will likely see on Meetup when the Werewolves go on the hunt again.

You’ve come to the right place! We have dedicated this website to the Werewolves game and you will learn in no time how to become a fierce Villager, an eloquent Werewolf, a noble Vampire or a bored Demigod. Find everything out about our Game Rules, our Roles, our Teams.

We started out with a basic version of the Werewolves game. At some point the physical cards wore out because we spilled too many drinks on them as we had too many heated discussions, false accusations and hilarious defence speeches which turned into a bloody mess in a positive way. We needed to keep the emotions going so we bought a different version with different Roles and Rules. Since then we realized that this game has so many possiblities and open ended questions. So we started questioning some rules as they weren’t clear and obvious. We accidentally outgrew the booklet of set rules and started mixing and matching the rules, the roles and many other details to the needs of our Werewolves community. See this website as a homage to the Werewolves game. We constantly seek criticism and want to make KLEFF Werewolves what we consider the most exciting and engaging way to play it within our tight-knit community. Additionally, we want the Werewolves game to bring fun & joy to more people around the world. Here is a list of all our epic Roles and here you can learn more about the framework holding everything together.

What our Werewolves have to say